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Lampu Sorot LVD 120 Watt Model Corong Zetalux

Price : Rp. 2.500.000,-

LVD 120watt floodlights with a white light equivalent to a 400watt mercury lamps are very efficient in power consumption with a housing made of strong aluminum, can be used in....
Lampu Sorot LVD 40 Watt fatro

Price : Rp. 1.250.000,-

LVD Floodlight 40Watt new generation, much brighter than Halogen.Lampu LVD lamp has reached the lifetime of 100.000 hours, Halogen only 1000jam Very strong and durable.
Lampu Sorot LVD 80 Watt Model Corong Zetalux

Price : Rp. 2.250.000,-

Using LVD Floodlight 80W equivalent lamp HPI-T 250W lamp, very economical electricity, with warranty for 2 tahun.Kualitas the best of us. Combined with the house lights Brand....
Lampu sorot HPI-T 2000 Watt HNF 207 Himawari

Price : Rp. 7.000.000,-

Floodlight Type Funnel Model 207, is suitable for use at the Sports Stadium, Golf Ball, House Highlight High, Shoot The distance from the material can reach 125meter.Terbuat Solid....
Lampu Sorot Kolam Renang RGB

Price : Rp. 675.000 / Set

Swimming Pool RGB Floodlight IP 65 Stainless Steel Using Remote For Change - change color, suitable in use in the pool garden area, water fountain, and in the pool. Irradiation....
Lampu kolam renang LED 1 Watt 12 Volt 4cm

Price : Rp. 275.000 / Set

Floor lamp / LED Swimming Pool 4 cm 1 Watt 12 Volt, With Full Body Material Stainless Steel
Head Lamp LED / Lampu Senter Kepala

Price : Rp. 200.000 / Set

Flashlight Head / Head Lamp using Cree LED lights, the best and much brighter than regular LEDs, irradiation distance is very far away and can be arranged nearby. Using 3 AA....
Lampu Jalan LED 22 WATT

Price : Rp. Rp 650,000,- / Set (Nego)

Energy Saving Street Light with 100 Watt Halogen equivalent at an affordable price. Suitable for use in a residential complex
Lampu Sorot MVF 024 1000 Watt Philips

Price : Rp. 7,500,000

The legendary Floodlight 1000W from Philips, the house lights are made of thick material Cast aluminum, coated aluminum Deep Hot, very strong and corrosion resistant. Suitable for....
Strobe Lamp 6inch Lampu Strobo Merk ALMA

Price : Rp. 1.357.000,-

Strobo lamp for use in Heavy Equipment / Container. Able to 12V - 48VDC best quality products
Lampu Sorot Halogen 1000W QVF 137 Philips

Price : Rp.315.000,-

1000 Outdoor Halogen Floodlight 137 Watt Philips QVF, very good to highlight the Great Statue, Car Exhibition, Jewellery and Highlight Billboard Advertising, a very legndaris....
Lampu Sorot Halogen 150W QVF 133 Philips

Price : Rp. 125.000,-

Halogen Floodlight 150W Halogen Philips QVF 133 Suited to highlight Brands, Clothes, Sculpture, or Painting
Lampu PJU LVD 120 Watt

Price : -

PJU lamp using a type of LVD Lamp Lumen Output 120Watt with nearly matching HPI-T Lamp 250Watt, very bright, bright white light, the light reaches 100.000 hours of age, very....
Lampu Sorot 2000W MVF 406 Arena Vision Philips

Price : Rp. 19.000.000,-

MVF 406 2000W Arena Vision, Philips Floodlight Legendary, can be installed at the Great Sports Ground, Stadium. Mining Floodlight Floodlight coal or High House, the best quality....
lampu Sorot Pertambangan 2000W Corong Himawari

Price : Rp. 8.000.000

Coal mining Floodlight funnel models, able to 1000W or 2000W. The combination of the light house brand Himawari Taiwan with Philips Components. Strong and affordable. Much applied....
Lampu Sorot Pertambangan MVF 028 HPI-T 1000W Philips

Price : Rp. 6.500.000,-

Philips MVF 028, spotlights the latest from Philips, with a body made of aluminum Cor thick but light, very suitable for use in mines throughout Indonesia, proved to be robust....
Lampu Sorot Model Sylvania 1500W - 2000W

Price : Rp. 9.000.000,-

Floodlight models Sylvania Sylvania BL 2000 or BL 1500. The best model, with the raw material of choice. Diamond Reflector models that are very bright. Suitable for use in mines.....
Lampu Sorot 2000W Zetalux

Price : Rp. 6.500.000,-

ZetaLux Floodlight 2000W, with a body that is very sturdy but light weight make this Floodlight penempatannya.a lot of be more practical in use in coal mines in Kalimantan and....
Lampu Sorot Pertambangan 1000W Philips

Price : Rp. 6.900.000,-

Philips MVF 024, already well known reliable and kuat.Banyak used in mines in Indonesia, with the best quality, the reasonable price, get PHILIPS MVF 024 immediately.
Lampu sorot / lampu floodlight 250-400 Watt Merk Nikkon

Price : Rp. 1.000.000,-

Floodlight / floodlight bulbs 250-400 Watt Made in Malaysia Brand Nikkon, can be used to highlight rekalme, lapangn parking, futsal, and billboards. Good quality at an affordable....
HNF 307 2000W Philips

Price : Rp. 11.000.000,-

HNF 307 Floodlight 2000W Philips, suitable for spotlight in Mines, with Reflector Diamond models, the resulting light is very bright and light coverage to more jauh.Product best....
Lampu sorot pertambangan 1000W Hippo

Price : Rp. 6.500.000,-

1000W strobe light, for light HPI-T 1000W, SON-T 1000W.Body made from solid Cast aluminum, similar to the model 024 Philips.Kuat MVF and handal.Cocok for coal mining.
Lampu Sorot 1000W Model Corong Merk : Zetalux

Price : Rp.3.450.000,-

Highlight the Funnel Model 1000W lamp, suitable for use in mining, light but with Gearbox kuat.Simple blend with the house lights to facilitate installation.
Lampu Sorot 1000W Pertambangan Merk : Zetalux

Price : Rp.3.500.000,-

Highlight lamp Funnel Model for Metal Halide Lamp type 300W 1000W or LVD, windshield covered with Grill Baja so sheltered from kerikil.Sangat hurl stones suitable for use in....
Lampu Traffic Light 2 mata model Standard

Price : Rp. 2.400.000,-

Traffic Light bulbs Standard Model 2' s, He 20 cm and 30cm, Material stainless aluminum plate with Super Bright LED Lights
Traffic Light 3 mata Model Standard

Price : Rp.3.500.000,-

Floodlight, Traffic Light 3 Eye Diameter 20 cm and 30 cm, anti-rust aluminum plate bahn and Superbright LED Lights
Lampu Traffic Light Model Standard 1Mata

Price : Rp. 1.200.000,-

Highlight lamp, Lamp Traffic Light 1' s Model Standard 20cm diameter and 30cm, memaakai Anti-rust aluminum plate material 1.2 mm and Super Bright LED Lights
Lampu Traffic Light 2 Mata Model Baru

Price : Rp.2.500.000,-

Floodlight, New Model Traffic Light Traffic Light is the latest from us, with a model of the modern, and elegant, material thickness 1.2 mm galvanized plate + LED Superbright a....
Lampu Sorot 2000W Zetalux MHL 28 Merk: Zetalux

Price : Rp. 6.500.000,-

2000Watt Floodlight Type ZetaLux SFM 28, the latest product from the brand ZetaLux Taiwan.Dikombinasikan made with Lamp Philips HPI-T 2000W with Ballast, Ignitor, Capacitor....
Lampu Sorot Flood Light ,  HPI-T 2000W - IP 65 Merk : Cortem

Price : Rp. 6.450.000,-

2000W Floodlight Housing Taiwan, body is made of diecast aluminum materials are very Sturdy and Tough, stainless combined with a component of the famous brand Philips kehandalan' ....
Merk : Slast Lampu Sorot Slast HPI-T 2000W

Price : Rp. 7.000.000,-

Floodlight 2000W Slast brand, made of aluminum material Super Thick, Very Sturdy and Kuat.berbeda with Residential Lighting Standard, this product is very thick, strong....
Merk : Hipo Lampu Sorot 2000W -Type 480 made in Taiwan

Price : Rp. 7.500.000,-

Floodlight for HPI-T 2000W, Taiwan.Kualitas very well made , but the price is more economical than the Philips brand.
Lampu Sorot 2000W MVF 406 Arena Vision Philips

Price : Rp. 19.000.000,-

MVF 406 2000W Arena Vision, Philips Floodlight Legendary, can be installed at the Great Sports Ground, Stadium. Mining Floodlight Floodlight coal or High House, the best quality....
Merk : Hipo Lampu Sorot 2000W Hipo Taiwan,  HPI-T 2000W Philips

Price : Rp. 6.400.000,-

Floodlight HPI-T 2000W Model 024, made in Taiwan Housing made of Solid Cast aluminum material, equivalent quality Philips product, very strong and handal.Dikombinasikan....
Lampu Sorot 2000W MVF 403 Arena Vision Philips

Price : Rp. 22.500.000,-

Floodlight the latest specials Remote Dr. Philips, MVF 403 MHNSA 2000W, Highly reliable and robust power sorotnya, suitable for Stadium Sports and TowerCrane Mining.
Lampu Mercury HPLN 250 Philips

Price : Rp.50.000,-

HPLN 250W Mercury Philips Colour Rendering Index: 40Ra Kelvin: 4100K Lumens: 12 700 Lux
MHNSA 2000W 380V Philips

Price : Rp. 3.900.000,-

MHNSA Philips 2000W 380V can be used to light fire with particular housing
Merk : Zetalux Lampu Penerangan Tangga

Price : Rp.150.000,-

Lamps for Lighting Appliances brands ZetaLux There are several models, and consists of two colors: Black and White. economical price
Transformer Neon Sign

Price : Rp. 900.000,-

Transformer ( Transformer, Ballast) for Neon Sign, made in Hong Kong. Reliable and Robust.
Powerpack Emergency Lamp Merk powercraft

Price : Rp.550.000,-

Powerpack Emergency Lamp Brand PowerCraft, one product for Emergency Lighting lamp terbaik.Dapat diapakai the TLD 1 x 36W or 2 x 36W. Battery endurance up to 4 hours, 1 year parts....
Mercury ML 160W Philips

Price : Rp. 35.000,-

Philips ML 160W Mercury lamps without Ballast is, can directly digunakan.Cocok for street lighting in the housing complex.
Lampu HPI-T 250 Watt Philips

Price : Rp. 145.000,-

HPI-T lamps - Metal Halide lamps with light intensity is the brightest moment, light shines from the size Terang.Tersedia White 250W - 2000W. HPI-T 250W: 65 Ra Lumen 4500K Colour....
Merk : Zetalux Ball Ice 60W

Price : Rp. 65.000,-

Ice Ball, Outdoor lamp to be used in the parking lot or basement parking, water resistant ( waterproof)
Merk : Philips Lampu HPI-T 400W dan Komponen

Price : Rp. 400.000,-

400W Metal Halide lamp coupled components: SI 51 Plus Ignitor Ballast Capacitor HPI-T 400: 65 Ra Lumen 4300K Colour 35000lux
Lampu Philips Mercury HPLN 400W

Price : Rp. 65.000,-

Philips 400W Mercury lamp HPLN HPLN 400 Ra: 40 Colour: 3900K Lumen: 22000Lux
Merk : Philips Lampu Sorot PAR 38W 80W - 120W

Price : Rp. 50.000,-

PAR 38 lamp, very famous and legendary, both for outdoor lighting ( outdoor) used for garden lighting, Phon and Brand Stores. Waterproof thick glass.
Merk : Philips Ignitor SI 51

Price : Rp. 30.000,-

Lamp HPI-T 2000W 220V, for use in the Field Soccer Stadium, Coal Mine HPI-T 2000W: 65 Ra Lumen 4600K Colour 189 000 Lux
Merk : Philips Lampu HPI-T 2000W

Price : Rp. 1.600.000,-

Lamp HPI-T 2000W 220V, for use in the Field Soccer Stadium, Coal Mine HPI-T 2000W: 65 Ra Lumen 4600K Colour 189000Lux