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Halogen 1000W E 40 Philips
Double Envelope Halogen lamp 1000W E40, can substitute for HPI-T lamps, Light Yellow Terang.Efisien, nice colors RA 100% .
Venture 1000W BT 56
Metal Halide Venture BT 56 1000W with a large diameter makes emittance further than the standard size. Original made in America.Biasa used in coal mining.
Merk : Philips Ballast 1000W dalam Box Panel
1000W or 2000W Ballast circuit in 1 Box Outdoor Panel size 80cm x 60cm x 25cm Make control and easier installation and maintenance so simple.
Merk : GE Ballast 2000W
Ballast for Metal Halide Lamp 2000W, Philips brand for Metal Halide Lamp 2000W or 18000W, available for 220V and 380V Voltage
Merk : Philips Ballast 1000W Philips ( BHL 1000L002)
BHL Philips Ballast 1000W, for this type of Mercury or Metal Halide lamps 1000W, latest model, ballast coated with resin making it more robust and resistant air.Sangat reliable....
Lampu Pemanas IR 375W Philips
Infra Red Heaters 375W lamp, ideal for breeding chicken, pork or used to help dry Cat Car, it could be for heating Ayam Goreng ( Fried Chicken)
Merk : Philips Gear Box Almunium untuk 1000W dan 2000W
HPLN Mercury Lamp 1000W 1000W Philips HPLN Ra: 36 Colour: 3900K Lumen: 58500Lux
HPLN 1000W E40 Philips
HPLN Mercury Lamp 1000W 1000W Philips HPLN Ra: 36 Colour: 3900K Lumen: 58500Lux
Merk : Philips MHNTD ,  BSN,  Ignitor SN 58
fpr components metal hilide lamps and can be used for specific lights
Merk : Philips Lampu PAR 38 24 V 120 Watt Philips
PAR 38 lamp 120 watt 24V lamp used for swimming pools or fountains.
Lampu Rotary 12V - 24V  " BRITAXX  " England
Rotary Lights - Rotarylamp Britaxx Made in England UK, Rotary lights the best available light reaches 2tahun dipasaran.Daya resistant, tested reliability and kekuatannya.Banyak....
Rotary Lamp Model Oval
Rotary Oval Taiwan-made lamp models, equipped with Lighter Plug and Magnet.
Lampu Rotary Taiwan 6inch
Rotary Lights 6 inch made in Taiwan, economical and best quality
Blitz Lamp SENCO 6inch
Blitz Lights brands SENCO Taiwan, we bring you the best products from Taiwan, the quality is above average product lain.Bahn thicker and longer lamp life.
Merk : ALMA Strobe Lamp ( Lampu Strobo ) 4inch
Strobe Lamp, used for light Pointer Heavy Equipment and Containers can be used for voltage 12V - 80VDC. Cheap price with good quality.
Strobe Lamp SENKEN 12V - 24VDC
Strobo Lights / Flash Light SENKEN made in Taiwan, this is the most reliable Strobe lights, more solid body, with a thick base plate + Magnet, no extra cables to plug into the....
Lampu Strobo 6inch Model Rotary
6inch Strobo lamp models such as Rotary, the new models a combination of Strobo and Rotary merged into 1 wadah.Praktis and simpel.Buatan Taiwan with such quality made in....
Lampu Sorot Forklift 24V 70W Halogen
Highlight lamp for use in coal mines, fitted to the headlights Dump Truck or Forklift.
Lampu Sorot Untuk Traktor
Floodlight Tractor / Forklift / Dump Truck suitable in use at the mine. Made from a special heat resistant palstic and anti-shock. Available for 12V and 24V
Lampu Rotary 12V - 48V BRITAXX England
Rotary Lights Britax one of the best, made in England / UK. Longer lamp life than Taiwan products. The quality and appearance are excellent.
Lampu Sorot HID 35W untuk Alat Berat
HID 35W Floodlight suitable for use in coal mining, highlight the maximum power can penetrate fog or dust. Can be used for Dump Truck, Forklift, Container dll.Umur lamp reaches 20....
Lampu Sorot Dumptruck 24V 70-100W
Highlight lamp for Dump Truck / Forklift / Tractor suitable for use in mines.
Lampu Kerja 12V,  24V 75Watt- 100Watt
Floodlight Work Lamp with cable or can plug directly into the Lighter Lighter to aid Taiwan darurat.Buatan jobs, affordable prices
Lampu HID 24V 35W
HID Lamp, 24V 35W : D1S - D2S - H7 - H4, Osram, Philips, China
Merk : AZTEC Lampu Penangkap Ikan
Lights to help fishermen catch fish types Cuttlefish / squid, 1000W Metal Halide Lamp type light yellow, favored by fish Cuttlefish / squid so easy to catch fish, made in....
Lampu Waterproof 2 x36 Vacolux
Waterproof Lights Lamp 2 x 36 Vacolux wear waterproof or waterproof fluorescent lamp / Neon 36W suitable in use dioutdoor bahn made of ABS plastic is not easily broken. the....
Lampu Waterproof Pacific TCW 097 Philips
Waterproof, Weatherproof, dustproof, Jetproof Pacific TCW Philips 097, Philips home of legendary light, best quality. Made from Plastic ABS are very strong and resistant to....
Lampu Waterproof TCW 300 2 x 18W Philips
Dustproof TCW 300 1 x 36W Philips lamp, waterproof and dustproof, made of unbreakable ABS Plastic with Cover Acrilic Philips transparan.Komponen known for strength and....
Lampu Waterproof 2 x 36w Zetalux
Waterproof Lights Lamp 2 x 36W ZetaLux waterproof / dustproof ZetaLux wear fluorescent lamp / fluorescent 36watt, waterproof can be used in outdoor, made of ABS plastic....
Lampu Waterproof TCW 300 118 Philips
Waterproof, dustproof Philips TCW 060 1 x 18W, economical version of Philips, made of Plastic material Waterproof and anti pecah.Kulaitas best of Philips.
Lampu TL TKI 1 X 36 watt Lokal
1 X 36 watt bulbs for fluorescent lamp Local / NEON 36 watts, powder coating paint is very strong and durable, suitable in use in office buildings and malls.
Lampu Waterproof TCW 300 ,  2 X TLD 36W Philips
TCW 300 2x36W, Armature Tube Lamp Water resistant, very strong fit for lighting in the factory. Specifications: Waterproof, Wheatherproof, dustproof, Jetproof.
Lampu Sorot GE
Floodlight for use in the Oil Company, IP65, Waterproof, dustproof and GasProof Class 2
Lampu Sorot Explossion Proof Jaring Merk cottern
Explosion Proof Floodlight with protective netting iron, suitable to use in the Pavilion or on Offshore Oil Drilling Oil
GE Starflux Gasproof lamp Merk GE
Floodlight to the Oil Refinery, GE Starflux latest model with standard IP 65.Sertifikasi International. Robust and reliable.
Lampu Sorot Explossion Proof Nordland
Explosion Proof Floodlight, for use in the Oil and Gas Bumi.Sangat strong and do not cause Ledak' an. At Economical Prices tebaik quality.
Explossion Proof Lamp 2 x 40Watt
Proof Explossion lamp 2 x TL 36/ 40W made in China, to the category of Zone 2. cheaper prices and excellent terjangkau.Kualitas. Bias used in oil and gas area.
Lampu Explossion Proof 2 x TLX 40W
Lighting lamps Explossionproof 2 x TLx 40W IP66, Taiwan products to the specifications International.Body made of resistant ABS Plastic is used in the mining area pecah.Cocok....
Lampu Sorot Explossion Proof Merk Cotern
Explosion Proof Floodlight for the Oil and Gas
Lampu Explossion Proof 2x 36W
Lighting the lamp using a 2 x TLD 36W IP 66 specifications, Explosssion Proof Zone 1. Reliable products that are widely used in oil and gas drilling area Bumi.Body made of....
Explossion Proof Lamp Warroom USA
Proof Explossion Warrom lamp made in USA, Catagory Zone 1, Suitable used in Refinery Oil / Gas, Zone 1 certified, qualified products with the International America Grade 1.
Lampu Sorot Jalan Zetalux Type 877 GE
Street lights PJU GE Model 877, with a large body size, to be able to load the Mercury Lamp / Sodium 250 to 400 Watt. Made of rustproof aluminum material and heat-resistant glass.....
Lampu PJU LVD 60Watt
PJU lamp using a lamp with a kind of power is only 60W LVD has a very bright lumen output equivalent to 150W Mercury, the durability of light that reaches 100.000 hours, making....
Lampu PJU LVD 40Watt Fatro
PJU using LVD lamp bulbs 40 Watt equivalent 150 Watt mercury lamps, very economical and powerful. Reaches 100.000 hours durability. Light and durable.
Lampu jalan SRP 822 made in Taiwan
Street lamps Premium class, elegant models and Cast Aluminum Material Thickness, very good quality at a price fixed for HPLN terjangkau.Bisa 250W-400W, HPI-T 250W-400W or 150W....
Lampu Jalan PJU Model 811 Taiwan
Street lights PJU GE Model 811, with a large body size, to be able to load the Mercury Lamp / Sodium 250 to 400 Watt. Made of rustproof aluminum material and heat-resistant glass.....
Lampu Jalan PJU SRX 811 Philips
PJU lamp / Road Lighting Type SRX 811 Philips, materials Full Cast aluminum, with a futuristic models, very strong. Suitable for residential street lighting Elite. For Mercury....
Lampu Jalan PJU SPP 165 70W - 125W Philips
Philips SPP 165, for 70W SON or HPLN 125W, mini street lamp, suitable for the housing complex.
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